Prayers for...

our sisters & brothers waiting at our borders, asking for safe asylum 

from the dangerous gangs  & drugs in their home towns.

For bi-partisan solutions to our national issues, compassionater

and just border processes, those usffering from food and job insecurity,


those who are experiencing the effects of recent storms & fires; for the first responders, 

fire fighters, and medical personnel...


survivors of clerical abuse and a systematic renewal of seminaries 

and seminarian formation and personnel.

our sisters & brothers, our Dreamers, and their families...for families separated

while seeking asylum from the violence, gangs and drug traffic in their countries,

especially our Ukrainian sisters and brothers.


our sisters and brothers who are victims of violence, especially gun violence,

abuse, and human trafficking or neglect...

an end to racism, anarchy, and violence, in our hearts, our country,

and the world, especially in the ways it is systemically carried out daily.


Those who are sick or homebound, and suffering from COVID-19

and all care givers, as well as...                 


Well being & Health for our St. Stephen Family and Community.

For an increase sense that the world is one neighborhood

~ God's neighborhood ~

and all life is sacred.

All who the families effected

by COVID-19; in thankgsgiving

for healthcare workers;

for those rebuilding 

their hearts & homes;

all who seek safety & asylum,

& all who have asked our prayer


+S. Constance Gardner, S.S.J.

October 24, 2022


Parish & Parish Family:

Heidi La Marca

;Cheri Lawrence

Anna Guardipee

+ Lane Hubbard


Grace Jenkins

Kathy Jenkins

 June Spelman

John Ackerman

Marge Dana

Hidee Go

Military Service 

Jay Blackburn, USN

Deployed on U.S.S. North Dakota